Mona’s Roti Shop-Toronto

An Indian Curry Chicken and roti dish

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Trinidadian Restaurant-Toronto
Mona’s Roti Shop-Bathurst

When I walked in for the first time I felt like I may have been at a roti factory. There were stoves, tables and roti makers laid out in a row. With roti dough being made by one group, then rolled out by another group and cooked on a stove by another group. Very impressive. There were two types being made dhal-puree and Paratha roti. After I got through the shock I then noticed a wonderful display of currys and stews.

➢ Curry Chicken
➢ Curry Shrimp
➢ Stewed Chicken
➢ Ox-Tail
➢ Pumpkin
➢ Bodi
➢ Bhagi
➢ Dhal
➢ Rice
➢ Etc. ……
I Tried the curried chicken,curried shrimp, Pumpkin with a dhal puree roti.
It was good. But I would admit that having visited Trinidad and having a palette for highly flavored and seasoned food, I found the food to be a tad bit bland. But again, for those of you who cant handle the hot stuff this is definitely for you. The food was freshly made the staff was friendly and the restaurant was clean.

I will say one of the best Pholourie I have ever had! A MUST try.

Please note there are only 2-2 seater tables, and there isn’t a washroom/restroom. So be ready to order to go.

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