Shaw Festival-Niagara On the Lake

Shaw Festival-Niagara on the Lake

Show- An ideal Husband

Price- Great student rates $30. Adults from $60.*Note it costs less if you

Shaw Festival

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purchases your tickets there, than buying them online.

Seating Experience- Sat in the Balcony seating, row AA seat 39. It was surpris

ingly very steep. The good thing about that is that no one gets blocked by the potential beehive. So you are pretty much lo

oking down at the show. It isn’t horrible but a little unusual as I am

accustomed to looking straight ahead. The seats I found to be a little bit closely spaced so there was a lot of elbow knocking, also the space between the rows were also close so the crossing of my legs had to be well orchestrated so as to not hit the seat in front of me.

The show –it was great! There were all of the necessary elements required for an ente

rtaining production. Humor. Suspense. Great costumes. Very talented actors. Great stage. A good foundation & A great end. The first half (1hr 30mins) may seem long, but certainly a necessary foundation for the 2nd half (60mins) which zooms by.

My absolute favorite was Steven Sutcliffe He acted the part of Lord

Goring, he was highly entertaining and a pleasure to watch. Bravo, Bravo !

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