The Prince Of Wales Hotel-Niagara on the Lake

Prince of Wales Hotel

Image by S^S via Flickr

The Prince of Wales Hotel -Niagara on the lake
A part of the Vintage group of Hotels.

So this was the food spot after the Shaw festival.

#1-It was the only place that served food until midnight
#2- I am so happy it was, because the service was amazing ! even at 11.30PM. The waiter was happy as ever to serve us & with great suggestions of what to try being my first time there.
#3-One of his great ideas was his white wine recommendation!
Name: Flat Rock twisted, from a local winery in Niagara. Flat Rock Cellars.
Not too dry, not too sweet simply delightful. I will definitely be stocking up on this wine.
*Note- Niagara wine festival is coming up on September 25th 2010.

Sorry for that side track, now where was I… Oh.. yeah
#4-Tried the fish and chips which gets ***1/2
#5- Tried the tasting plate which was flamboyant, with asparagus, prosciutto, goat cheese, blue cheese, humus, toast crisps and a lovely green salad. *****
#6-hmmm peach crème brulee with a licorice cookie. The peaches were layered ever so gently at the bottom of the brulee, so for you non-peach lovers out there, you don’t have to get into the peach part of it if you don’t want to. I found it added a great flavor to the already fabulous brulee. ***** no ifs ands or buts … 5 stars ! I tip my hat to the chef.

By the way, at 11.30pm I will say that the bar, where I ate, was hustling and bustling and fully packed, with good reason. I was lucky to get the last available seat in the house. Which was perfectly situated by a window with a amazing view of the horse carriages going by.
Very Romantic indeed !

Did I mention the walk on the street, tres beautiful , extremely romantic ! A must do.See & read more here.

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